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BEI has previously designed the items listed below into projects and has surpassed the DEP/BCCD requirements with our designs. We also aim to have the BMP’s be a low to no maintenance design, to ensure that our designs last as long as possible in the field.

  1. Civil Engineering, Erosion and Sediment Control, Vegetative Swale
  2. Managing Director
  3. Civil Engineering, Erosion and Sediment Control, Swale
  • Tree Planting - tree shade helps reduce the heat island effect and increases comfort.
  • Fountains - reduces water runoff.
  • Over Excavated Basins - stores water for plant use.
  • ​Bio-Retention or Rain Gardens - vegetation removes chemicals from seeping through the ground.
  • Vegetative Strips in Parking Lots - plantings hold rainwater then releases into the air through evaporation and deep rooted plants create channels to encourage infiltration. 
  • Wetland Creation - remove chemicals from parking lot runoff.
  • Green Roof - absorbs rainwater, provides insulation, creates a habitat for wildlife and helps to lower urban air temperatures and combats the heat island effect. 
  • Swale - an open drain system designed to slow and capture stormwater by spreading it horizontally.
  • Direct Use of Runoff - collects stormwater for future use. 
  • ​Amended Soils - soilswith materials blended in to improve the quality, nutrients, or drainage capability.